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Working with Ruto can make you go broke – Rigathi Gachagua

Mathira Member of Parliament Rigathi Gachagua has revealed that working with Deputy President William Ruto can make one broke.

In an interview with the Kenyan Historian Channel before his nomination as Kenya Kwanza running mate and shared on Sunday, May 15, Gachagua argued that the politicians close to the Deputy President are not after money.

He explained that Ruto is a very active political figure and moving around with him can be financially draining in terms of fueling cars and taking care of your entourage.

further divulged that from time to time, the politicians are expected to chip in through contributions, which is a very expensive affair.

Gachagua also explained that if chasing money was a factor, many politicians would be close to President Uhuru Kenyatta since he has his own wealth and controls the state wallet.

“I don’t need anything from William Ruto. I am priceless myself. We don’t go to Ruto to withdraw Money. If we wanted money, we would go to Uhuru Kenyatta because he is the man who has money, both his own and that of the state. If the money was the motivating factor, both of us would be with Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Money is not why we are with William Ruto. By the way, working with William Ruto is a very tasking exercise in terms of money. Moving around with this man around the country, you can go broke, The man is so active. You are going out with William Ruto you need to fuel your car, you need to find a place for your driver and bodyguard. You need to give money in Harambees. It is consuming,” he explained.

He, however, clarified that the politicians who have stuck with the DP are indebted to him since he serves as a mentor.

The DP is also liked for how he values lieutenants in his camp and makes them feel respected for their opinion.

“We like William Ruto because he has respect for elected leaders. He has time and respect for their thoughts. He takes value for what I think and lets me say it. He is a very truthful man.

“If William Ruto tells you I will come to Karatina on Saturday, he will be there. If he says I will look for Ksh2 million for Karatina Market, come and pick it up, it is available. Human beings like being affirmed. This is a guy who affirms us and has respect for us and shows we are important people,” he added.

Gachagua was selected by Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday to serve as his running mate edging out other competitors such as Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.



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