Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Ukraine new war


Eastern Europe

Ukraine Being the second largest country in Europe (after Russia), she faces the danger of invasion by the Russian armies. The tension of invasion has in-turn led to many students(including university students) to boycott learning and enroll in the ongoing training just to prepare in case Russia strikes.

This is in response to the growing numbers of Russian soldiers. For such a short time, Russian president has built a vast army on their shared borders with other European nations. This has seen many european countries enroll in training of armies in preparedness, (incase Russia invades).

Vladmir Putin’s focus is however not on the European countries but rather on the USA and other G8 countries like China and south Korea. He wants to appear strong and decisive to his domestic face, also he wants to divide NATO and the USA over the responce to a potential strike , this is to impress his allies especially the president of china.

Russia is also planning to stop Ukraine from joining the EU and the NATO. This in order to make Biden’s Rule look weak and indecisive. This is because USA failed to support Afghanistan lead to its turmoil.

This tense atmosphere has caused other European countries like Ukraine to open up training grounds even to the youth and University comrades just incase Russia is on the brink of an attack. According to media this is like the cold war that happened sometime back in Germany.

This calling saw many people engage in the training mostly on saturday’s. On a statement released Ukraine’s president stated Ukraine is not in the massive power to handle Russia but it will keep on training its soldiers incase The country responds vehemently.

Is this the beginning of another cold war?

Brown Ashtua
Brown Ashtua


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