Friday, May 20, 2022
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Insight of the Tibim-Tiyalaa and Hustler narrative ahead of 2022 general elections

Is it ever campaign season in Kenya if we don’t spot a few promotional pictures of politicians eating at Mathe’s kibandaski or spotting your nduthi guy wearing reflectors with prospects’ faces brandished on them?

Over the years we have seen an eccentric range of politicians marketing themselves and this year is only a teaser for the coming one. Though it begs the question what does the mwananchi want?Is a one size fits all manifesto going to work this time around?

The hustler nation narrative that is being perputuated by Deputy President William Ruto is one that receives equal share of acclaim and ridicule. Based on its we are giving the youth wheelbarrows approach in a fast paced technology embracing universe that seems retrogressive to some.

My barber for one believes in him and to quote him, “ Ruto ni mtu wa watu, anapenda Mungu na hana mambo mingi” A perspective many Kenyans share, He is envisioned as the leader who ought to deliver Kenya ,from the bludgeoning debts, daily thefts of two billion , a Moses figure of sorts.

Before we forget, Raila already promised to take us to Canaan. All we had to do was believe and maybe shout Tibim tiyalala – what’s a trip without steaming excitement. For a while I shared a common nyamachoma joint at Kenyatta Market with His Excellency the President, it was interesting to go there on Sundays and listen to the butcher retell his encounter.

Now as we look back to Jubilee’s 2017 campaign that was synonymous with red flags and loud singing of Uhuruto Tano Tena tune, the realization that a proper and interactive investment is necessary.

I recall a younger me receiving monetary incentive and the suggestion of inciting my parents to vote for a particular candidate. Though in these dire economic times, will Kenyans even turn out for the same people who lit the pot and had us dancing to escape the burn ? In the meantime , may the strategies unfold and the best candidate win.




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