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The new AGE of gospel industry

Every one is well aware, one of gospel artistes ‘ ringtone joining the secular industry. He has put to claim that lustful girls would always dm him for lustful reasons. This was the reason being the reason he would dump gospel music!!!, quite queer. Perhaps that isn’t the first time a gospel artiste has ever shifted, we have the likes of Bahati and WillyPaul. Of the trio only Willy Paul came out with an equivalent reason to satisfy his move. The rampant shifting of gospel artistes has always aroused emotions in the music industry. But perhaps if we could ask ourselves what drives these role models into shifting their paths.

Many have claimed the gospel industry bears no fruits and thus have not gained as fast as they had wanted previously, or as their partners in the secular industry others would come with queer excuses that cant be said on air. So as the predecessors would say that gospel industry would require a calling these days would be a mere history, these days people are drived by the sound of money, not by the calling that existed before. These days it is a matter of fame, questions in mind being, the world must know me, i must be famous, or i should be known, others have claimed of competition. These has left artistes in the gospel industry shifting to other media in order to gain what they had wanted.

Perhaps only shifting is not always the main problem, but also their lifestyle always shows it , the type of marriages they have, what they do in their free time and their spouses. they would sing of things in the bible but would not emulate it in their lifestyle. One would often Marry for financial gains and these would always lead them to marrying or getting married to very older cou From these one can say that the Kenya male gospel media industry needs some serious held not healing and deliverance services. just asking for a friend ? can competition make you shift sides, if you have a calling to serve God there is no competition because everyone has his/her own chapter.

hope we get a deliverance healing as this mis-leading upcoming artistes who are looking up to them as role models.

Brown Ashtua
Brown Ashtua


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