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Students involved in school arson to face the law appropriately; says DPP

DPP has insisted that students burning schools must face a date in court.

Chief Of Staff at Office of the Director of Public Lilian Obuo said there will be steps after being taken to court.

“They must go through the criminal justice system if they have committed a crime,” she said.

After going through the criminal justice, the students can now be taken through other correctional processes like guidance and counseling.

“Dealing with indiscipline in schools should be looked at wholistically with parents, schools, and justice system playing a role,” she added.

She said there is precedence in prosecuting students giving the examples Kyanguli case.

In that case, the government was ordered to pay Sh40 million to families of 63 Kyanguli Mixed Secondary School students who burnt to death 18 years ago.

Each family was awarded about Sh650,000 as compensation.

In a landmark judgment, Justice Joseph Sergon found the government, the school’s headmaster David Mutiso and deputy Stephen Kasyoka liable for the incident that occurred on March 26, 2001.

Events showed that on the day of the fire, leaflets had earlier been distributed asking students to boycott assembly.

The students had also broken into the school canteen.

Some of the parents who attended court were overcome by emotion and tears flowed freely as they welcomed the judgment.

In the past month, pupils have been burning schools in arson attacks.

Five students from Kerugoya girls secondary school in Kirinyaga county were arraigned before a Kerugoya law court for allegedly setting ablaze a school dormitory.

The accused whose age range between 16 to 17 years, denied the arson charge.

In Maranda, the 2,469 students at Maranda High School were asked to pay Sh2,500 as cost for the reconstruction of the burnt down dormitory.

Each student will also report back to school accompanied by a parent or guardian.

According to the communication sent to parents on Monday, the decision was made following a board meeting held on November 11.



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