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Religious leaders weigh in sought for solution to the recent school fires.

Kenya church leaders at a past press briefing. Photo/Courtesy.

Religious leaders across the country have collectively urged parents to send their children to churches for spiritual nourishment, in a bid aimed at curbing the depraved act of burning school property.

They have chosen to join hands with the government since it has proven to be a bigger task for the government as more schools continue to be razed despite the Education ministry announcing a mid-term break to give the students a chance to cool off some steam from the congested school calendar that was hugely impacted by Covid-19.

In an interview with KTN News, a popular catholic priest has embarked on persuading parents to bring their children to places of spiritual healing claiming that some students are being disturbed by evil spirits.

Other religious leaders from western region are blaiming some irresponsible parents for not disciplining their children causing them to grow up with very mischevious behavior.

They qouted Proverb 13:24 which says ‘Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them’, they added that parents should discipline their children when they are wrong and equally teachers too should be allowed to cane indiscipline students.

In an inteview with Nation, they also attributed the recent fire incidents schools to the congested education calendar and lack of co-curricular activities which is mounting a lot of pressure on students, urging the ministry to reintroduce sporting activities in schools.

They are now calling on every parent and guardian to keenly to watch their child’s behavior, interrogate them to find out what is challenges they are facing, and also give them proper advice on how to handle pressure among others challenges they are facing in school.

On the issue of placing criminal tags on students who will be found guilty of arson, they critisiced Education CS George Magoha saying that, that will have a very big negative impact on the lives of students in the future as they won’t get hired due to criminal records.

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Brown Ashtua
Brown Ashtua


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