Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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President Kenyatta Blasts Kenyatta University VC Over WHO Lab Construction

 President Uhuru Kenyatta has blasted the Kenyatta University Administration for complaining over the World Health Organization hub that is set to be built on the institution’s land.

Kenyatta University had lamented that the WHO emergency hub had been built without the university’s permission and the 200 acres where the hub will sit was already set aside for other development project.

During the commission of the WHO emergency hub, President Uhuru Kenyatta sharply criticized those opposing the hub project saying the land belongs to the citizens.

“Property whether its statehouse where I stay for the next few weeks  or its university or hospital, this is the property of Kenyan people held in trust by the government of Kenya. This why we try and adopt a whole government approach,” he stated.

“We don’t operate in silos so that someone holds on to something as if it’s their personal property. He or she doesn’t know that his or her day are counted just like mine.”

President Kenyatta dismissed the claims by Kenyatta University that their land was invaded noting that the higher learning institution was just a mere custodian of a public property.

He elaborated that his government has adopted a whole government approach that is inclusive saying that no government entity should work in isolation.

“Some people see as if this land is their own property, no its not! This is public land and you are just a caretaker. Where you recognize that and the whole government approach  then you recognize that the government has never worked in isolation,” he said.

The Head of State defended the WHO emergency hub project which was previously housed inside KUTRRH, but later transferred to Kenyatta University land saying its part of global community partnership.



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