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Desperate, frustrated University students in the den of drug abuse

When students join institutions of higher learning they start a whole new chapter of life characterised by innocence and naivety.

It is a journey of self-discovery and self-reliance, which in turn is supposed to shape the student’s general outlook on the dynamics of life today.

Time spent at the university comes with many fond memories and happy experiences from making new friendships and new adventures but the truth is told, there are many rough patches and roadblocks which include drug abuse.

At times the students unknowingly find themselves being carried away by the “good life” through the influence of their peers.

The students’ tender age makes it easy for them to fall prey to the abuse of drugs. Students at this age are very curious as they are in the age of self-discovery and trying to fit in the circles of so-called campus life.

They are ready and willing to get involved in any activity that makes them feel part of the whole group. The open use of drugs around some public universities highly attracts many naïve students into thinking it’s right to do the same.

The business of selling these drugs thrive most around learning institutions, especially universities and college. There are always parties and events around these institutions cultivating this business These parties attract a large number of students since the information about the parties circulates as “tell a friend to tell a friend”.

It becomes a peak period for the peddlers. Peddlers are very popular with drug-abusing students since most of these peddlers are also students, they get invited to all parties.

A party cannot be a party without drugs. At the beginning of the semester, there is little course work and assignments for the students and obviously, they have enough money from home since they have not spent much at the time.

Due to naivety and curiosity, most students end up using these drugs at these parties. Repeated exposure to these parties creates an avenue for the students to become drug addicts.

Drug abuse at the university had turned innocent and impressionable freshmen who have newly broken free from their parents’ control into frustrated and desperate seniors with miserable futures.



  1. And the issue of drug to students can never end untill our government changes the men in uniform because they are the main cause of our failures,,this people always know the place and time this drugs are coming to our institution but since they pocket a good amount,, we are just mere people with no say


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