Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Azziad shares message of confidence at a BIC hosted campus panel aimed at empowering students

BIC Miss Soleil brand ambassador Azziad Nasenya spoke to an auditorium full of campus students about building and mastering her self-confidence as an internet sensation and how she has grown to express herself and build herself as a brand at only 21 years of age.

Speaking at a panel on Confidence & Self Care hosted as part of the ‘Wembesha Na BIC’ campus campaign held at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) main campus, that brought together Azziad, Paloma Lengema BIC East Africa Marketing Manager and Dr. Sheila a Dermatologist, the BIC Miss Soleil brand ambassador said she was delighted to be able to tell her story and inspire youth across Kenya.

“I was a confident child growing up, but that was put to test when I became a star after my tiktok video went viral, I had to endure and overcome internet bullying to become who I am today,” Azziad said.

This is not the first time Azziad has opened up on her personal life.

On April 2022, Azziad has opened up about how social media can be draining and advises netizens not to get hung up on the content they choose to share.

Speaking in a interview, the Tiktok queen said that she doesn’t fuss a lot about the kind of content she shares on the video streaming platform or the kind of feedback she gets.

“Social media can be draining sometimes. So one thing that I taught myself before fame is to detach myself from videos, or any content that I post. Unless it’s for a client which I know needs to do well. But if it’s just posting content, I usually let it go the way it’ll go,” said Azziad.

She further stated that focusing so much on the videos one shares only has a negative effect which only builds up unnecessary pressure.

“The moment you start attaching yourself to videos and how they do, it’s gonna take a toll on you. A lot of people are putting a lot of pressure on themselves depending on the number of views they get and that’s not something they can control. When posting a video, do it wholeheartedly, then let it go,” she added.



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