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A look at the most educated football stars

Football has been trolled as a career of high expectancies where many low aged but talented always rip from and It has been the most loved sport in the world. However the sport has not been in the lime light to reap the best out of the education sector.

Most players after retiring have either shifted to other coaching actvities or living a humble life, however the football arena has never brought to attention athletes who have used their talents to expand their knowledge in other fields

Today we take a look in most educated athletes of the recent times

1. Nadaya Nadim

Nadiya Nadim during her days at PSG

Nadaya Nadim Fled afaghanistan when she was 11 after her father was killed, Her family fled to Denmark where she started her football career

Nadia was born in Herat and raised in Afghanistan. Her father, an Afghan National Army (ANA) general, was executed by the Taliban in 2000 until her father

After her family fled to Denmark, she began her football career, playing for B52 Aalborg, Team Viborg from 2005 to 2006 and IK Skovbakken from 2006 to 2012, before moving to Fortuna Hjørring in 2012.[7] She made her Champions League debut in September the same year, scoring both goals in a 2–1 win over Scottish Champions Glasgow City.

Nadim joined Sky blue fc, Portland Thorns fc and currently is playing for Racing Lousville Fc

Nadiya has scored 200 goals, played for Manchester city and PSG, represented Denmark 99 times and can speak 11 langauges.


While playing for her several football teams, Nadaya pursued a degree in medicine in the university of Aarhus.

In 9th grade, she shadowed a doctor at a local clinic and decided that she wanted to pursue the field of medicine. The dream of being a doctor was almost put in jeopardy when Nadim made the Denmark national team. On the day she was supposed to leave for camp she had to take an exam. When she explained her situation to an adviser she was told “No one can play football and be a doctor, so I guess you have to make a choice.

Nadem went to school during the day and trained at night every day, earning her undergraduate degree and then applied to medical school. She is set to graduate from medical school in 2022.  After what she has been through, it’s no surprise that Nadim doesn’t accept the limitations set by others. 

In a Q & A with Medscape Nadim explained “Don’t just give up easily just because you’ve been told: “We’ve never done this before. It’s impossible.” I don’t believe that [impossible] is something that exists. I think if you want to do something, there’s always a way. You just have to find it.” 

Nadim is using her status as a med student and soccer star to make a difference. She works with the  Danish Refugee Council to bring awareness to refugees in different places.

In 2019, she joined the UN to promote the education of young women with the UNESCO Girl Power campaign.

Nadim hit a career milestone as a member of Racing Louisville FC’s. PoetrysiINinn she became the 5th fastest player In National Women’s Soccer History to score 30 goals.  Her goal was the only goal scored by her team the day in a 1-1 draw with Gotham FC. 

Nadim hopes that her story will bring the plight of refugees into the spotlight. Also provide hope and more compassion to the rest of the world.


Juan Mata

Mata was born on the 28th of April, 1988. He is famous for being a Soccer Player. He played alongside Frank Lampard on Chelsea. Both players have received the honor of being named Chelsea Player of the Year. His age is 33. Spanish attacking midfielder who appeared in 82 matches for Chelsea F.C. This was to between 2011 and 2014, then joined Manchester United in January, 2014 for a club-record fee of £37.1 million.


He studied at the technical University of Real madrid where he earned a degree in marketing. He also went further and joined the Camelo Jose Cela university where he earned his degree in sport science

Other key players with education honours are

  1. Geogio Chielini Turin University Economics and commerce degree
  2. Vincent Kompany Allianz Manchester business school Business
  3. Duncan Watmore Newcastle University Business
Brown Ashtua
Brown Ashtua


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