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People who have interacted with advanced institutions have once intercepted or engaged with lecturers. Some of them good others bad, others one would know their behavior right from first conversation, others one would need to study, others with very good taste and others who would piss you off at the moment of meeting. However from a secretive study I grouped these lecturers into five…


At least in every campus we have these types of lecturers, politically oriented. He/she would give direct updates in political scene and how they have interacted with politicians. Almost half of the lecture will use for political debates. Right from giving daily views of whom their preferred candidate is to giving out what they dislike about other candidates in the political field.

In the middle of a serious lecture they would always arouse a debate on anything politically driven. I would basically advise you when dealing with such lecturers while still in session. Do not say anything contrary to their opinion or else a supplementary is waiting for you.


This is the other class of lecturers. These would open up on why they dislike other tribes and also praise their tribe and culture. During sessions they would always mock every culture that is directly contary to theirs. They always provide only positive statistics about their culture.

When dealing with these kinds of people, I would advice, start learning their language either one or two words, it would save a day. Also do not get into wrangles with them otherwise, there are many cases here of missing marks


You have never entered a university if you have not interacted with these kind! The all time advisor. Right from giving advice in your education, to advising you on whom you should marry. Also advises on why not to date course mates and people in the same year. Story tellers in nature. They would narrate to you how they started from low levels up to their current and advice you on that. These kinds of lecturers make us think that lecturing is a very lucrative profession with no difficulties.

These are easy goers and you can argue with them on anything, but let me advice you! on any argument with them you will never win, they are always witty and very cunning, and will always find ways to peruse through your mind and make you believe them


another one of a kind. they wont stop bragging about the Univerisity they have attended, how they have schooled in Europe and USA, plus how they have always been in top positions right from basic education to advanced studies.

In any of their lectures there is always an opening phrase, “While I was in the University of Everton…..

“while studying for my masters in Oxford university….

“when getting my PHD of law in Pennsylvania….

they would always brag about the courses they did and why they did them, many of them have masters and PHDs and are probably still learning other thing, probably on their masters levels or PHDs. another advice on these, please read and read thoroughly for they always set very tough things which need critical thinking


These ones have taught in almost every university, they always start a topic mentioning, universities they have taught number of students taught and how the students were eager to learn unlike you. One thing about them, they would never mention a university of a lower astute. they would also go on to praise how they taught known individuals. at least for once they would mention teaching a Raila or a Kalonzo in one of the prestigious universities.

They are natural braggers and if not caught off guard, they can brag of learning or teaching with Obama or any other known person.

when dealing with these kinds, accept to their terms and move on, but if you want to trap them, intrigue them with where they learned, what kinds of activities they were prone to and many other personal status of the known person.

always be cautious when dealing with these, they don’t give free marks


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