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28-year-old Football star caught cheating on her wife with club woman

I’m a man of 28 and my wife is 26. She’s beautiful, with a figure to die for.I’m a lower-league professional footballer and after every match there are women hanging around waiting to see if we are going to a club or bar.

They then follow.That was how I met my wife. She came over, said hello, I bought her a drink and the rest is history.

My wife had flown to Spain to be with her sister who was having a baby. She was gone just over a month.I was fed up and we argued a lot on the phone. I wanted her home but she said her sister needed her.

One Saturday night I was out with my teammates and a woman was introduced to me.She told me she was 20.

We drank and danced together and I invited her back to my place.At home, I opened some wine and after a couple of sips she was all over me.It felt like so long since I’d had sex, I couldn’t resist her. I’d missed sex so much.

This girl came back the next two nights and each time we ended up in bed together.My wife came home the following week. She was waiting for a clothes order and the company said it had already been delivered.

As soon as she started checking our camera doorbell, I remembered my mistake and felt the blood drain from my face.

She saw the woman coming into our house late at night. I couldn’t deny it and confessed.She stormed out. Three months on, she’s still refusing to come home.

I know I need to change if I am ever able to win her back.Do I have any chance?



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